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Concussion Australia is a charity that educates grassroots' communities about concussion. Our people include medical experts, lawyers, health professionals, as well as those who remain affected by concussion. We provide concussion education workshops and presentations to the community, to medical practitioners who want to learn how to diagnose and properly manage concussion, and to lawyers (CPD) who want to learn about concussion and the law. We also offer monthly online support groups for people and their families struggling with concussion, act as a referral pathway for best practice treatment, and regularly engage in media. The medical content that we deliver is designed and approved by the Concussion Australia Medical Advisory Committee, which is complete with Australia's best concussion experts.

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​Our dream is to improve the safety of Australian athletes and communities by delivering useful information and pragmatic services regarding concussion. This is achieved through informing and educating our consumers about the risks of head injury, providing reliable resources for concussion aftercare, and engaging with the community about best practice concussion management.  

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Concussion Australia is a full-service charity combining the latest research with leading clinical experience and real-life stories, created to inform communities of the risks, signs, complications, aftercare, and consequences of concussion.

A primary objective is to educate and engage with athletes and communities that are at high-risk of head injuries.  We deliver information to key stakeholders to enable better decision-making for strategic risk management including return-to-play scenarios, and the promotion of best practice concussion management.    

Risk management is a core part of our service delivery, and with our combined expertise including personal, medical, and legal knowledge, we support the community, our partners, and industry at large on all things related to concussion.

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